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Personalized Chinese Classes for Children

Private Chinese Tutors provides customized private Chinese Mandarin lessons online to children of all ages. Our one-on-one services with professional tutors offer speaking and listening courses in Mandarin, as well as writing and reading in either simplified or traditional Chinese. Our easy to use platform is perfect for children of all language levels, including beginners, those who need help with homework, or advanced immersion classes.

Below are some highlights our students enjoy:


1 on 1 learning anytime, anywhere


Reliable & patient teachers 


Suitable for all Chinese levels


Customized lessons


Specialized for kids of all ages


Easy online payment with PayPal or credit cards

How Private Chinese Tutors Works

Simply begin by going to the Book a Class page and input the time, day and class type you want. You will then be assigned an appropriate teacher that matches your criteria. For first time users, please note that free demos are available. 


1. Choose the date & time that works for you.


2. You will receive a confirmation email will class details and link to class.


3. Enjoy learning Chinese with your tutor online. 

Chinese Classes We Offer

In addition to speaking and listening courses in Mandarin, Private Chinese Tutors offers a unique variety of Chinese courses such as Homework Assitance & Review, and Simplified and Traditional character practice. We also provide specialzied lessons for learning dialects, including Taiwanese, Cantonese and others by request.


Chinese Mandarin

Learn and improve Chinese reading, writing, speaking and listening skills with effective and personalized curriculums. For all ages of any level.


Simplified Chinese Characters

Used in China, Singapore and Malaysia, Simpified Chinese characters are the most widely taught and used characters for writing and reading.


Traditional Chinese Characters

Used in Taiwan and Hong Kong, traditional Chinese characters are still relevant and important to learn. Many think they embody the essence of Chinese writing more in depth.



If you are looking to interact with anyone from Taiwan or from Fujian province, learning Taiwanese, or "Minnan" dialect, is a must. Learn Bopomofo or "Zhuyin Fuhao" in addition to daily conversation.


Homework Assistance

Need help reviewing homework or preparing for a test. This is the class for you. Whether your child goes to a Chinese immersion school, an after school program or is studying casually, we are there to help.

A Modern Method for Learning an Ancient Language

The Chinese language has evolved in many different ways over history and so should our methods for learning it. Private Chinese Tutors combines the best of both worlds with effective, easy access to Chinese tutors. 



1. What ages are best suited for your platform?

We serve all ages but our teachers specialize and primarily focus on teaching children. We have students that are as young as 3 years old that partake in fun, interactive classes, children 5-10 years old that need homework help and test prep, all the way to middle school and high school students who need help with test prep.

2. How are the Chinese classes designed? 

All Chinese classes are private, 1 on 1 online sessions. We assess a student's language ability, current curriculum and goals. If a student is looking for a program from scratch, the teacher designs one based on a variety of curriculums. For students who already have a curriculum and need extra help practicing or reviewing homework, we follow that workload and help with any questions. Our curriculum is flexible but we do adhere to consistency and a plan. 

3. Are teaching materials included?

Our teachers are equipped with online materials that can be sent, downloaded and modified with computers or mobile devices. Each class can also be recorded for a student's use. Any specific materials requested should be provided by the students.

4. Anything else I should know about your platform or process? 

We can record each session and upload it to the cloud for you to download and review at any time. This is one of the many benefits of learning online. We are also able to do annotation in real time should you need practice writing. Students are able to upload homework in real time for teachers to help correct as well. 

Mom and Adolescent Son Studying Chinese

Getting Started with a Chinese Teacher

To choose your preferred course setup, please fill out the application form found here where you can choose your preferred availability, language level and class of interest. After you submit your application either for a class or free demo, a tutor will be assigned and a class link will be sent. Easy as that!

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