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Who We Are 

Private Chinese Tutors was created so that children aged 3-18 at any level of Chinese can connect with tutors online to make learning simple, convenient and effective. We choose only accredited, certified teachers who are experienced, patient and passionate about helping students improve their Chinese skills.

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Our Tutors

Our teachers are all native Chinese speakers who currently reside in the USA and understand how non-natives learn Chinese. Each tutor has a background in teaching Chinese to all age groups, especially children, and exhibit patience, passion and commitment for helping students succeed.

Our Platform

Within our platform, we connect the most suitable tutor to your need, including language level, availability and age range. Our Chinese tutors are widespread throughout the USA and accommodate schedules Monday-Sunday from 8am-9pm CST.

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Effective Learning

Private Chinese Tutors creates custom courses to fit each student's needs. Read, Write, Speak and Listen seamlessly online and record all your sessions. 

Meet your Tutors

Below are some examples of our teachers who offer private tutoring classes. We have dozens of teachers ranging in teaching methods, availability and dialects. Feel free to contact us for something specific or indicate your needs on our sign up form.

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Laura Chen

Originally from Hunan province, Laura has taught Chinese to children and adults for 7 years. She moved to the USA in 2012 holds a masters in Education. 

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Ting Ting Wei

Ting Ting grew up in Beijing and found herself fascinated with foreign literature. This passion led her to a degree in English langauge and literature. After teaching English in China, she moved to the USA where she currently resides and teaches online. 

Online Chinese Teacher

Li Shu Yi

Shu Yi began teaching Chinese as a side job when studying Spanish in South America. Fluent in English, Spanish, Japanese and Chinese, he knows all the challenges in learning a new language and enjoys helping beginners, especially youbg children, develop a liking for language and the culture surrounding it. 

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Anna Wu

Anna holds a masters in Early Childhood Education. She helps design and update curriculums in addition to monitoring teacher/student relations. 

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